The unique design of the Disrupter® applies an intermittent lift and drop motion on the drill string without the creation of excessive vibration. This “skipping” motion applied on the drill string results in the mitigation of torque, drag, and differential sticking, therefore enabling a more consistent transfer of weight to bit for increased rate of penetration. In addition, the action of the Disrupter® agitates the cuttings bed when reaming between connections, enhancing the suspension of solids for a cleaner hole while drilling. The Disrupter’s® design allows for 2-way operation, achieving the same results while running in, or pulling out of the hole, and can be integrated and compliment any existing BHA without the need to change the original planned well operations.

Casing & Liner

In addition to providing torque, drag, and differential sticking solutions when running your casing & liner operations, the Disrupter® minimizes the axial tensions encountered in aggressive build sections, resulting in the mitigation of tubular buckling. Further, the Disrupter® fully compliments existing casing buoyancy systems that are used in extended reach laterals around the globe. Contact us to find out how you can achieve torque & drag solutions while meeting your required stand-off requirements with the Disrupter®.


Extending the horizontal section continues to be a top priority for todays exploration companies in the attempt to exploit the full potential of a reservoir. Implementing the Disrupter® on an open hole completions string provides solutions for reaching targeted total depth without creating any restrictions on the ID of the string, allowing the operator to carry out all engineered operational plans. Incorporate the Disrupter® with sleeves, packers, and sand screens to land your string where you need it, at TD.

Well Servicing

Our list of applications for the Disrupter® is continually growing, reach out to us, we might have the solution you have been looking for.